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Custodial Services

Custodial services for Base Capital / Additional Capital requirements

We accept deposits of Base Minimum Capital (Base Capital) and Additional Base Capital as stipulated by NSE for clearing members to be able to trade on its capital market segment.

The securities being deposited shall be subject to legal and beneficial ownership of :

TM clearing member / spouse in case of individuals

Any of the partners / their spouses in case of partnership

Any of the directors in case of corporate TM clearing member.

What qualifies as deposit ?

The following securities can be deposited :

Listed equity shares of approved companies subject to 15% margin

Equity shares of approved companies in demat form subject to 15% margin (Nifty scrips) and 25% margin (30 other scrips pertaining to Junior Nifty group)

Listed units of mutual funds subject to 15% margin

Unlisted units of mutual funds subject to 15% margin of the NAV of the units prevalent on the last day of the preceding month

Listed PSU bonds subject to 15% margin

Other debt securities admitted for trading on Wholesale debt market segment of NSE subject to 15% margin

Listed GOI / Treasury bills subject to 10% margin

Units under Unit Scheme 1964 of UTI to be valued at the lowest of the repurchase prices prevalent in the preceding 12 months

Deposit of Fixed Deposit Receipts (FDRs) issued by approved Banks. In case of FDRs, the members have to submit the following :

- Original FDR issued by any approved Bank and drawn on specified cities

- A Letter from the Bank in a specified format.

- A Letter from the Member in a specified format

- StockHolding Charges up front

- National Savings Certificate and Kisan Vikas Patra issued by Post office,

- SGL Securities,

- Certificate of Deposits (CDs) issued by Banks / Institution.

NSE members may also pledge dematerialized shares in favour of NSCCL for security Base Capital and additional base capital requirements. The demat shares pledged by a member as additional base capital will be considered for the purpose of gross exposure computation. In case of demat scrips, the following conditions apply:


The member has to open a separate beneficiary account for Base Capital and Additional Base Capital

- in the name of Partners / their spouse in case of Partnership Firms

- in the name of Corporate / Directors of the Company in case of Corporate clearing members

- in the name of Proprietor / spouse in case of Proprietory concerns,


The securities to be pledged to be transferred to the account. Pledge Instruction along with pledge deed in specified format to be given to StockHolding


After pledge is created in favour of NSCCL, valuation is given to NSCCL by StockHolding


Closure of pledge takes place at the instruction of NSCCL Replacement / Addition of securities also available