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This Initial Public Offering can be made through the Fixed Price Method, Book Building Method or a combination of both. Corporates may raise Capital in the Primary market by way of an Initial Public Offer, Rights Issue or Private Placements. The entities involved in the IPOs are Book Running Lead Manager (BRLM), Syndicate Member, Sub-Syndicate Member/Agent or Broker, Escrow Collection Banks, Registrars to the issue.

StockHolding is associated with all the leading BRLMs as a Sub Syndicate Member. The team keeps abreast the latest developments of the IPO Mart. They are well versed with the operational issues to ensure that the forms tendered are processed seamlessly.

An investor can obtain forms from any of the StockHolding branches for all the mega IPOs across India. A client enjoys the following benefits for applying/bidding for IPO through StockHolding.

Convenient reach through large network of branches across the country.

Benefit from StockHolding’s experience and knowledge in the Capital Market and research team.