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Western Union Financial Services is part of First Data Corporation, USA, which is a Fortune 500 company. Western Union Money Transfer (WUMT) Service has presence in 204 countries and territories in the world and has got more than 3,000,00 locations around the globe.

The customers using WUMT can receive money in minutes anywhere in the world. It is a fast & secure way to transfer funds to your near and dear. Weizmann Forex Limited is authorized in the capacity of Principal Agent by Western Union Financial Services and the Reserve Bank of India to appoint sub agents in India to expand the money transfer service network.

StockHolding is a sub-representative of Weizman Forex Ltd. Avail this facility and contact the nearest StockHolding office.


The maximum threshold is defined in Indian Rupees and is normally lower than the equivalent of USD 2500 (to avoid violation of the rule).

Foreign nationals can be paid amounts greater than INR 50,000 in cash (upper limit restricted at equivalent of USD 2500).