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NATIONAL PENSION SYSTEM (NPS) - To provide for your old age pension

Govt of India promoted PFRDA (Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority) has introduced the National Pension System (NPS) to all citizens of India with the objective of promoting old age income security. NPS empowers subscribers to plan their own pension under the “Defined Contribution” concept. It not only helps to save for post retirement spending but is also a good investment and tax planning tool. PFRDA appoints Points of Presence (POPs) which act as the link between subscribers and PFRDA to promote the NPS. PFRDA also appoints professional fund managers for subscribers to choose among them to manage their pension contributions.

StockHolding has been appointed as Point of Presence (POP) by PFRDA for the National Pension System. StockHolding's designated branches offer the full spectrum of NPS services and facilities to all citizens.

Salient Features of NPS :

Open to all citizens aged between 18 - 60 years

Pension available from the age of 60 years

Attractive investments schemes to choose from

Professional record-keeping and fund management

Withdrawal facility as and when you wish, under Tier-II

No Entry and Exit Loads

For more details, please refer the NPS Offer Document attached below.

NPS Offer Document

NPS Leaflet  

Pension Calculator  

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List of branches

For availing NPS facilities, please get in touch with our branch officials as per the contact details mentioned below.