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Important Messages

  NSDL vide Circular No. NSDL/POLICY/2017/0009 has advised on updation of email IDs, mobile numbers and correct & complete bank accounts details of clients .   [2017-0009-Policy-SEBI Letter on col...]  

  DPs are advised to refer to NPCI circular no. NPCI/2016-17/NACH/Circular No.200 dated December 05, 2016 regarding penalty for transactions processed with old bank account numbers (refer Annexure) whereby NPCI has informed its member banks that penalty will be imposed on banking transactions presented with old bank account numbers.   [DP-47-Penalty-Transactions-Processe...]  

  SEBI has permitted introduction of the facility of multiple nominations (upto three nominees) in a demat account vide Circular No.: NSDL/POLICY/2016/0076 Dated September 20, 2016. The client shall be entitled to nominate upto three person/s at the time of account opening or subsequently. In case the client/s appoint more than one person as nominees, the Client/s should specify the percentage of share for each nominee and that must total to hundred percent (100%) At the time of Transmission, if there are multiple nominees registered in the account, DPs are required to divide all the securities at ISIN level in the same proportion as recorded at the time of nomination. In case there are odd lot shares the nominee chosen by Client, (First nominee in case of NSDL Clients) will receive residual securities which remain after distribution of available securities in the said proportion.    [Multiple Nomination - Amendment to ...]  

  Trade Instruction Processing - SEBI vide Circular No. CIR/MIRSD/01/2014 dated January 7, 2014, has laid down various procedures regarding standardization, monitoring and scanning of Delivery Instruction Slips. Clients are requested to note that w.e.f. from January 7, 2016, Beneficiary Trade Instructions will be processed only on submission of new DIS Format (Form 12&15). Kindly ensure new DIS booklet has been received by you.   [2014-0004-Policy-SEBI Circular date...]  

  SEBI Vide Cir No.CIR/MRD/DP/31/2014 dtd Nov 12,2014 has mandated CDSL/NSDL to provide a Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) to clients to enable a single consolidated view of all the investments in Mutual Funds and Securities held in demat form with the Depositories w.e.f Mar 2015. Clients who do not want such statement, need to opt otherwise.   [Consolidated Account Statement- Seb...]  

  As per SEBI directive, the DP-BO agreement has been replaced with a common document "Rights and Obligation" which is mandatory and binding on all existing and new clients and DP.   [Rights and Obligation]  

  With effect from 27th Feb,13 for NSDL demat a/cs with no transaction,statement to be sent to Client's in physical form on an annual basis only-NSDL/POLICY/2013/0034   [Billing Circular]  [Annexure B]  

  With effect from 1st October , 2013 Annual Maintenance fee to be charged to all Corporate Clients - NSDL Policy 2013-0108   [NSDL Circular]  

  With effect from August 16, 2010, PAN non-compliant Demat A/c's have also been suspended for credit.  [NSDL Circular]  [CDSL Circular]  

  Account Maintenance charges collected upfront on annual/ half yearly basis on demat accounts  [Click to View]  

  RBI intimation- URGENT & IMP Updation of new bank account numbers-  [NSDL Circular]  [CDSL Circular]  

  Message for Demat A/c holders on Rematerialisation  [NSDL Circular]  [CDSL Circular]